House Rules


Transporters are an amazing technology but not one without risks if used under less than optimal conditions.

Pad to Pad is encouraged and the least risky. Site to site should only be used in emergency situations where lives are in peril. (Increased Complication Range). Things only get worse from there.

To help mitigate risks in some situations, Starfleet Corps of Engineers designed a modified Class 6 probe. These modifications include limited use transporter systems designed to work in tandem with the ship. Probes also include pattern enhancers for away team use.


Every time the transporter is used results in a roll.

DifficultyComplication Range
Pad to Pad020
Single Pad119
Site to Site218

Treat Pattern Enhancers like a transporter pad.


DifficultyComplication Range
Quick Cycle+1+1
Per Additional Target Location+1+1
Masked (Stealth) +1+1
Distance: Per Zone (Past Same)+2+1
Environment / Ionization: Turbulent+2+1
Environment / Ionization : Extreme+4+2
Through Shields (Source Ship)+2+2
Through Shields (Target Ship) 1+4+4

1May not be possible. (At GMs discretion)


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