Political Landscape

Since the end of the Dominion War the Alpha and Beta Quadrants entered into an uneasy but lasting peace.

United Federation of Planets

The Federation has largely spent it’s time recovering from the war and maintaining peace in the quadrants. Starfleet took heavy losses during the Dominion War and road to recovery has been long and difficult.

Many member worlds believed after the war that the Federation should focus on consolidating power before venturing back out into the unknown. They fear another conflict with another yet undiscovered power in the galaxy and the looming Borg threat. The Federation Council and President have adopted a more cautious stance related to expansion and exploration in response.

Only recently has Starfleet restored pre-wartime fleet and personnel numbers. In order to quickly build numbers back up, shipwrights opted to un-mothball and refit older space-frames where possible and build smaller specialized craft where necessary.

Relations with the Romulan Star Empire have appeared to improve but suspicions and prejudices still run deep.

Relations with the Klingon Empire have begun to deteriorate due to the shifting political landscape in the Empire.


Treaty of Bassen Rift: Starfleet vessels must coordinate with Romulan Fleet Command, file flight-paths, submit to reasonable inspection, and receive approval for all operations while in Romulan space. Starfleet vessels are not permitted to scan non-approved celestial objects in Romulan space.

Emergency Treaty of Hobus: Starfleet vessels may assist with evacuation efforts in Romulan space. Federation personnel are to have limited contact with Romulan citizens.

Klingon Empire

Factions in the Empire have become increasingly restless after the Dominion war. The thrill of battling a worthy opponent and the glory of victory has awakened many and there is a growing call for the return to the old ways believing that the Empire was at peace too long. Chancellor Martok has done what he can to cool heads and slow the drums of war but the warriors of the empire thirst for battle.

As relations between the Romulan Star Empire and the Federation thaw, relations with the Empire deteriorate.

Romulan Star Empire

The Romulan Star Empire is in a crisis, the impending Hobus supernova threatens to shatter the empire. The Shinzon incident was a turning point. Racial minorities and disenfranchised citizens have been emboldened by the events to stand against the government and Tal Shiar.

The reunification movement has grown as has the number of citizens that believe The Federation is not so great a threat as they have been led to believe. The Tal Shiar have responded by tightening their grip which has only served to make the population more restless. The Remans and other subjugated peoples are a hair’s-breadth away from open revolt.

Be that as it may, the Romulan Iron-Curtain is as strong as it has ever been even with thawing relations. A testament to effectiveness of the Romulan Government and the Tal Shiar.

Only experts and intelligence specialists in the Federation and Klingon Empires have heard whispers of how tenuous the situation is in Romulan space.

The Dominion

Nobody has heard from the Dominion since their withdrawal after signing the Treaty of Bajor. There are rumors that not all members of the Dominion have left but so far that’s all they appear to be… rumors.